Case Study: CigarBox PA

When I arrived at CigarBox PA at the Laurel Mall, I turned right (as most of your customers will do) and arrived at a counter and wall space devoted to all things Vape. The wall was grouped by categories of flavors, but there was no visual order,  continuity or focal point. The counter housed vape tools, instruments and accessories, but the lowest shelf was given over to random storage, as it was not easy to access. 

What people say about working with Anne

The best place to start is with a conversation. So let's talk. You'll email me something to see as requested below. In a day or two I'll reply with some questions, comments and feedback. We'll take it from there. 

Brick & Mortar Retailer? Email a photo of your store facade, cash wrap and most expensive item on display.

Online Retailer? Email your website.

Social Seller? Email three of your ads.

Trade Show Sales? Email 3 photos of your booth.

Pop - UP Seller? Email photos with a 360 view of your set up.

Crafter/Maker Seller? Email 3 photos of your booth/set up.

CigarBoxPA,Vape section before

 Anne is an engaging presenter who offers skilled recommendations and knowledgeable guidance to help you attain your business goals. After a session with Anne, we know you will look at your business from a new perspective.--Michelle Seltzer, R.J. Classics

Numerous strategies based on customer profiles and journeys, product adjacencies, design principles, human behavior, signage, visual communication and lighting were introduced and implemented across all seven stores selling floor. The project included  two 2-hour on-site trainings at two of the seven stores, a follow up report with recommendations, a customized visual merchandising calendar and more.

Working with ONO

I worked with the team to implement a visual strategy that works with how humans see. We see Color, Shape, then Details.  Using this knowledge, the team grouped the vape liquids to create blocks of color and shape, easily understood by the customer. This same strategy was used to group the tools and accessories in the case. Additionally, we added bold signage over the area and worked with vendors to acquire lifestyle imagery added to the low shelf in the case.

CigarBoxPA,Vape section after

All is going well we are about 90% complete with the re-merchandising of all seven stores. The signage is almost there it’s a work in progress but we’re moving closer. And we have seen an uptick in sales. Thanks for all your help.--Tom Trella, CigarBox PA