ONO is partnering with the Corzo Center at UARTS to deliver another session of the popular The Point is Profit webinar series.
What:  A 10 week, 30-minute essential guide to a profitable business For Makers.

When: Tuesday 6:30-7PM Eastern, September 11- December 4

The Program: An introduction to the questions makers ask about sustainability, selling, pricing, promotional strategies and more. Plus supplemental material and a special consulting option. Participants may take all sessions or only those of interest.



That's great, but is your idea, product or business sustainable? Find out with this FREE  webinar and companion worksheet. You'll do some deep analysis, face some hard truths and set some attainable goals. Once you've taken the first step, head back here for more resources.

What Makers & Parntners Say About Working with Anne

Anne Cecil  offered me an entirely new way of looking at marketing my product to both the individual customer and the merchant.  With minor adjustments to my product and price structure my sales increased dramatically.  --Bonnie Ann Burnett, Ceramicist

FREEBIE - The Point is Profit Webinar Series Returns

Anne Cecil is that wonderful mix of born teacher, who knows what artists and makers need to know, and  experienced professional who knows what consumers want.  It is truly a pleasure (approaching watching a good play) to hear  her help creators shape their message and their product line.  She is a go-to expert -- great for workshops, for one-on-one consulting, and for advice.   It's a pity that there aren't a few more like her in Philadelphia.  She's shrewd, generous, and extraordinarily funny.--Neil Kleinman,

Corzo Center, University of the Arts

Contact: Anne Cecil, Resourceful Visionary,  onomadeinthe191@gmail.com

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