Here's what you can expect from a Philadelphian:

• A Community Focus - Strong ties in neighborhoods breed a strong community that understands we are stronger together than alone.

• We Have Your Back - Neighbors have your back and will stand behind you, supporting you all the way.

• A Great Work Ethic - Puritans had it and passed it on. This is a city of people who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the fray. They stand by their work, give it their all and hold others responsible for their work as well.

• We LOVE the Underdog - In the shadow of New York City, Philadelphia is the quintessential underdog. Heck - New Yorker's think of our town as the 6th Borough (not).
• We keep it REAL - We tell you what we think no matter what. You'll know where you stand right away. 


Here's what you can expect from me:

• First and foremost, I'll tell you the truth. It is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.

•I believe that a strong community of Independent makers, manufacturers and retailers will result in a strong local, regional, national and global economy. To that end, I see my clients as partners. I will have your back. I will roll up my sleeves and give you my best effort. I will hold myself, my professional affiliates, and you responsible for our individual and collective work.

• I believe in the team. Merchandising is the orchestration of many players to get an excellent product to the ultimate consumer. I am one of a rare breed with talents on both the creative and business sides. This allows me to partner with the best affiliates for each job to research, analyze, strategize, conceptualize, deliver and implement innovative solutions to your merchandising challenges.

• I solve merchandising problems and identify areas of growth for your business and provide the tools and support for you to attain success.

• I know how tough it is for an Independent to compete with corporate giants. Using a variety of tools, I will help you create your personal road map to success.

Contact: Anne Cecil, Visionary & Resourceful Opportunist,

All things Philly, 191 & Anne

Philadelphia - the birthplace of Independence and home to the 191. Why 191? All Philly zip codes start with 191.

Best described as a gem with grit, Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods filled with passionate people. In Philly we call this "Addytude".I am a born and bred, dyed in the wool Philadelphian- "MADE IN THE 191".

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