The best place to start is with a conversation. So let's talk. You'll email me something to see as requested below. In a day or two I'll reply with some questions, comments and feedback. We'll take it from there. 

Brick & Mortar Retailer? Email a photo of your store facade, cash wrap and most expensive item on display.

Online Retailer? Email your website.

Social Seller? Email three of your ads.

Trade Show Sales? Email 3 photos of your booth.

Pop - UP Seller? Email photos with a 360 view of your set up.

Crafter/Maker Seller? Email 3 photos of your booth/set up.

Hire an Expert - Meet Anne Cecil

Contact: Anne Cecil, Resourceful Visionary,

"All roads in product sales lead to the selling space. In today's world that may be a Brick & Mortar floor, a trade or craft show booth, a pop-up, your website, social media, etc. Whichever you have, it is the place where your $ investment is presented AND where your $ return on investment(ROI) is received. If your sales space is under performing, your business is under performing. Let's identify obstacles and opportunities on YOUR sales space, implement immediate adjustments and create personalized, strategic solutions for YOUR long term success"--Anne

With nearly 40 years of professional merchandising  experience, Anne will tell you the truth  about your store and provide the knowledge, training and tools for you to create a roadmap to success.  Anne will teach you how to orchestrate your brand, product, marketing and merchandising to provide an engaging customer experience. They'll stay longer, go deeper and touch more. You'll see.  Your floor will turn your investment into profit!

Working with ONO

What Client's Say

Did you know...
-the LONGER a customer stays in the store the MORE THEY WILL BUY?
-the DEEPER a customer goes into the store the MORE THEY WILL BUY?
-the minute a CUSTOMER TOUCHES an item he or she begins to IMAGINE OWNING the item?

Imagine that YOU could get customers to stay longer, go deeper, touch more and ultimately buy more.


Sales success DOES begin & end on the selling floor. ONO MADE IN THE 191provides strategic merchandising training and support to INDEPENDENT Retailers & Maker/Sellers using YOUR sales space to buy (or make) the right product, engage customers and sell.

 Anne is an engaging presenter who offers skilled recommendations and knowledgeable guidance to help you attain your business goals. After a session with Anne, we know you will look at your business from a new perspective.--Michelle Seltzer, R.J. Classics