You are passionate about your products, serious about growth, and you invest in your business.   You are an INDEPENDENT Maker, Manufacturer or Retailer of fashion, textiles, gifts, and/or home products. You plan to make sales in the next 6 months OR you are a small-to-medium sized existing business seeking opportunities for growth.

"Anne Cecil  offered me an entirely new way of looking at marketing my product to both the individual customer and the merchant.  With minor adjustments to my product and price structure my sales increased dramatically."  --Bonnie Ann Burnett, Ceramicist

Anne Cecil,  founder of ONOMADE IN THE 191, has over 30 years of professional Design & Merchandising experience as a fine artist, maker, seller, entrepreneur, educator, speaker and consultant. ONOMADE IN THE 191 believes that the sustainability of INDEPENDENT makers, manufacturers and retailers depends upon their ability to identify opportunities, sharpen business practices, and align what is made with the interests and needs of the end user.

"I've worked with mom & pops all the way to multi-national corporations and every type of business in between. As a fresh pair of eyes, I identify challenges and opportunities for growth while providing solutions and strategies for success. The fundamentals of merchandising don't change, but they do need to be  translated to the scope of your business."

Working with a network of allied professionals, each with over 15 years of industry experience in all product stages from concept to consumer, ONOMADE IN THE 191• EDUCATES • SOLVES PROBLEMS • DESIGNS SYSTEMS • IMPLEMENTS SOLUTIONS • We understand successful businesses rely on the ability to identify opportunities and adapt to a rapidly changing market. We aim to give our clients to the tools and support for a successful future.

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